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2:28am 12-09-2007
Love the Christmas layout! It also loads a lot faster than the previous layouts (for me at least).

Best Aichan fansite out there imo. Share the LOVE!
1:11am 12-09-2007
モーニング娘。キャプテン(隊長):高橋愛ai chan
高橋愛ai chan~~~cute
彼女は1名が非常に可愛くて、朗らかだので、恐くない困難は、真 面目に事をする良い女の子


thank you--高橋愛ai chan~my friend
8:27pm 12-08-2007
nice website, i realy like your graphics though it takes a lot of time to load them
10:39am 12-05-2007
i love the floating hearts effect ^^ and the dance moves on the utaban performace was cool.

i also have a also using the same music player..but on my livejournalpage it shows up as invalid url (for every music i put there! Dx)
do you have any idea how to fix it? ^^"
Replied on: 10:25pm 12-26-2007

Maybe the url of song is wrong *__*

11:30am 12-03-2007
( has been determined by Google's testing to be a site that hosts or distributes badware. The following are examples of urls on ( that Google has determined can lead users to be infected by badware

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ai-sama help us
12:10pm 12-02-2007
nice web page.
love yur graphics.
make me one,lol.
support,keep it up
8:07am 12-01-2007
chloe strahm
you rock

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:47pm 11-19-2007
This is the best Takahashi Ai's fansite I've ever seen.

Keep on going what you're doing.

I'll always support you.
10:14am 11-18-2007
I think Takahashi-san looks absolutely GORGEOUS in the main layout picture. She always does, no matter what! I personally think she has the most stunning smile in the group, and Cassandra thank you for showing that through the multitude of pictures, graphics, and videos you have collected on Ai-ism. You can not label someone a "true" Takahashi Ai fan easily, but you Cassandra are most definitely one of the truest fans in the world. Can't wait for next month's layout, and I hope that here in Japan (while on vacation!) I'll still be able to visit your site frequently. Thank you so much!
11:20pm 11-17-2007
nice site..can translate wat e barks news say abt her?
1:19pm 11-14-2007
wow !!!! the page is so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really is so good !!
thanks cassandra for send us the link, i love airin and all tyhe minimonis
mi love is mari, demo airin had a greath voice we have to send her all us genki !!!
airin gambatte nunca te abandonaremos gran lideresa !!
6:35am 11-14-2007
Shining Star
OOps I mean Trojan
6:35am 11-14-2007
Shining Star
When I click on gallery I get a Taojan virus alert, only If I click on that section. The site design is great.
1:07am 11-13-2007
wonderful site
i like multimedia and gallery so many files i've never seen before
10:08am 11-12-2007
Aichan never looks ugly, that's a general rule of thumb for all Ai-fans.
By the way, the website is coming along quite nicely, keep up the good work.
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