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6:22pm 01-11-2008
hey, I m heatstone. Actually I really like your stie, just wondering if u wanna me to put your banner and link at our fourm>.<
Replied on: 6:27pm 01-11-2008

ok *_*

2:33am 01-09-2008
Hi ya!Here's SHAN CHAI`We hv long time no see. :}
And I even don't know u hv reopen ed ur fansite.
Unsurprisingly,ur ps skills and html coding skills hv improved a lot!
I am relli pround of you! >V<

I will keep on going here`:}
Replied on: 8:42pm 01-10-2008

yr welcome,Milkie XD (stii Milkie,lol?)
THANKS for coming :P

5:14pm 01-06-2008
In the cellphone ? Arf, and is for only japanese cellphones ?
BEcause I have an I-mode phone and yesterday I can gone to the H!P phone site with my cellphone but...Maybe I was lucky ! ^-^""
11:38am 01-06-2008
ya i go to your site everyday, your layout nice!!!
6:45am 01-06-2008
Ohhhh you're last news make me so happy because Ai-chan have a blog ! I didn't known this !
Now I want this link to see this Aichan's blog ^^

Can you give the link please ? ^^

Thanks you
Replied on: 8:58am 01-06-2008

Sorry to disappoint you.The blog is in cellphone :)

3:51am 01-06-2008
this is a wonderful site ;) good job
6:54am 01-04-2008
I wish you an Happy New Year !!! Your site is very wondeful ! the layouts are all beautiful !!!
8:35pm 01-03-2008
wowie your new layout is sooooo beautiful! you're really fast making new layouts, they all look different.. you really have talents!
anyways happy 2008, cassandra!
11:35am 01-02-2008
hi there cassandra! it's .::carlito::. ! very nice fansite, i've checked it and everything, it looks great! bye! ^ ^
12:01am 01-02-2008
Great design as always, this site always look perfect and i´m not talking just about Takitty wich already make it almost glorious XDD great job and HAPPY NEW YEAR
10:42pm 01-01-2008
Akemai love aie Omedeto
You have a beautiful and cool layout!!
9:31pm 01-01-2008
HAPPY 2008!
What song Is iT??
Replied on: 9:59pm 01-01-2008

Happy New Year :D
The song is Koe which form the 6th album, Ai no Dai 6kan.

7:46pm 01-01-2008
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 Cassandra !!!

Your new design is so cute ! *O* !
Congratulations ^^
7:40pm 01-01-2008
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 !!!!
11:38am 12-28-2007
hello bonne fêtes de fin d'année ^^
Mais je ne suis plus dans vos partenaires ? :(
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